Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring has Sprung

and it's time to start shifting the diet from the happy, warm, moist, rich, grounding winter foods to the light foods of spring.  It's time to start eating leafy greens and those other early fresh spring treats!  Asparagus should be popping up soon and is a great food for cleansing the body of the winter excess!

Yay for spring.  So, as the days warm up, think about the shift in your diet toward a more spring-like diet and getting away from those dense heavy winter foods.  Again, when in doubt about what's the right thing to be eating: think about what would be growing and what you would be eating if the grocery store didn't exist and that should lead you in the right direction.  Pretty soon, the farmer's markets will be really gearing up and we can plant our spring peas!

And, sorry folks, but it's time to start moving and get all that accumulated clutter from the winter out of the system; spring cleaning isn't just about the house (though that's an option too).  Time to think abut going for regular walks or runs.  The sun is just waiting for you to greet it in the morning with a slow and steady yoga Sun Salutation.  Whatever you want to do, get that body moving.

And for those of you prone to spring allergies and congestion, it's time to really start regularly using that neti pot and keep the sinuses clean.  Remember that the nose is the portal to the brain and we don't want that to get dusty, so keep that piping clean.  For those of you who might have extra problems with congestion you might want to think about an Ayurvedic treatment to jumpstart the sinuses before the spring pollen really gets going!!

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