Friday, March 1, 2013


Pitta constitutes the Fire and Water element.  You're thinking "fire and water, how is that working?"  Think oil.  It's both hot and liquid.  Or think lava.  You've got pitta.

Pitta is the dosha of digestion.  It is not only the digestion of the food that we take in, but also the digestion of the skin taking in touch, sensation, and even physically ingesting what we put on our skin. The skin absorbs quite efficiently and that is why the idea that you should never put on your skin what you wouldn't eat.  Pitta also includes the digestion of thoughts and emotions.  And the digestion of the sense organs, particularly what we see with the eyes.

There are digestive fires in the body, enzymes and acids, this is pitta.

Pitta people are usually hot.  They are of medium build.  These are the action people.  The leaders.  They are people who get things done.  They are hyper-organized (often attached to organizers and colored highlighters).  But as the vatas are those with the ideas, the pitta people are the ones who actually get the idea done after the vatas have moved on to the next cool idea.

Pitta people often burn themselves up.  They go, go, go and then crash and burn.  They tend to have the burning issues: ulcers, hyperacidity, skin conditions, the '-itis'es.  Anything that is heat and inflammation is pitta.

Pitta people in balance get stuff done.  Pitta people out of balance are super competitive.  They can become angry, judgmental, critical, and frustrated.

Pitta people need time out.  Time out in nature.  Time out in quiet.  They balance in cool watery places.

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