Saturday, March 16, 2013


Here is the long overdue kapha, but perfectly timed as we head into the kapha season of spring.

Kapha is the dosha of water and earth.  It is the most substantial dosha having earth as one of its predominating elements.  The qualities of kapha are slow, heavy, cool, dense, unctuous, sticky, cloudy, liquid, and sweet.

Kapha is responsible for all of the structure in the body, the muscle and mass. And kapha people have strong muscles and bones.  The kapha element of water is responsible for lubrication in the body.  Because of its sticky quality, kapha holds the body together but this sticky quality can also cause sticky issues such as high cholesterol and the build-up of mass.

Kapha people usually have larger body frames and thick bones.  It is the strongest of the constitutions and they have a lot of strength, stamina, and endurance.  This allows them to ignore physical issues, or not even feel them, so sometimes kapha people can begin to address issues when they have taken a strong hold in the body.  This can make kapha issues more challenging to treat.

Kapha people have thick, wavy hair.  They have slower digestion and metabolism, but tend to love food.  Kapha people are the lovers, they love home and love their environment.  They are the sensuous people.  When you walk into a happy, beautiful, warm, comfortable home, it is often the influence of a kapha person.  And kaphas love to sit in their happy comfortable home.  They like to eat in their comfortable home.  They love to do...nothing in their comfortable homes.   Not surprisingly, kaphas are prone to weight gain.

Kaphas have a deep faith and love generously.  They are slow to anger, but hold grudges...forever.  They do not forget.  They save money well and spend a little, usually on things that make their environment more comfortable.  But when out of balance, this love of home and stuff can turn into attachment and greed.

As I said, the season of kapha is spring.  With spring's like qualities of dampness and coolness, spring can aggravate kapha, causing congestion, mucus, and spring colds.  It is a good time to start eating those astringent leafy greens and get out that netti pot!!!


  1. In ayurveda and yoga,for kapha dosha,Sitting and prone positions are good. Shoulder stands and back bends are also good. Standing postures are good for Kapha.
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