Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Triphala Ghee

We learned to make medicated ghees during the last module at Ayurveda School.  Since then, I've been wanting to try and make one at home and since I use triphala quite a bit it was my herb of choice.  Not only is my ghee beautiful (yes, I am probably a bit biased) but it is delicious!  Now, maybe I am quite biased because most anyone who has tried triphala...well, let's just say that 'delicious' is probably not the adjective of choice.  

On a ghee aside: ghee is one of the best carriers for herbs as it is readily absorbed and digested by the body's tissue, making it a great way to get the herb of choice deep into the system.  Now, I already can hear the cholesterol argument, but studies have shown that ghee in moderation is not a contributer to high cholesterol.  In some cases, it is even beneficial (kinda like a good vegetable oil).  Guess it's cuz you've taken off all those sticky solids from the butter.  That said, were I to have high cholesterol, I would probably take in ghee in moderation.  I did say probably.  

fresh made ghee (clarified butter)

fresh made triphala decoction

medicated Triphala Ghee.  

Full recipe: 
1 part powdered triphala (or other herb)
16 parts water
reduced by half

1 part ghee
1 part decoction
reduced by half


  1. You are a mad Ayurvedic chemist! Your ghee is good.

  2. Great Blog!! That was amazing. Your thought processing is wonderful. The way you tell the thing is awesome.


  3. Amazing blog, Ghee + Triphala Guggul decoction is a very good combination for digestion, constipation, and body cleanse, keep posting

  4. Hi Bruce!! Thank you very much!! I have shifted away from blogging to a new format of a monthly newsletter with my new (yay) Ayurvedic business!! Please visit the website and if you want to be on the mailing list, shoot me an e-mail at trillium@mass.rr.com. I have not thought about blogging again...but perhaps in the future!!

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