Monday, January 21, 2013

The Amazing Dr. Welch

Winter 2013 newsletter
It’s Not About The Hormones

This month, I shared a weekend with a room full of women who represented each decade between 
the 30s and the 60s. I asked them to share what hormonal and major life changes they experienced 
in each of those decades and, when they did, not one chose to talk about hormones. Not one used
 the word “hormone.” Not one even talked about hot flashes. They each talked about crossroads in 
their lives, deaths and illnesses of themselves or loved ones, times that felt right, times that felt wrong, 
learning about the ideal pace for their bodies, learning how to implement this hard won knowledge, 
the challenge of slowing down their lives and beginning to live them the way they really want. While 
there were themes presented in each decade (a topic for another day), one overall message was that, 
while they came to the seminar to learn about hormones, that wasn’t as important to them as the 
context of their lives.  Listening to these women, I realized that, somewhere along the way, 
“women’s health” began to be defined as women’s hormones.

It isn’t.
It isn’t. Not any more than the mirror is the problem when we don’t like what we see there.
Hormones do not act in a vacuum and govern us. They respond to the context of our lives. 
What we do and think, and who we are, govern them.
Our lives are made up of a bunch of days. How we live our days affects the course of our lives.  
This is why an optimal daily routine—called dinacharya in Ayurveda—is so important.

This was in the Winter Newsletter for Dr. Claudia Welch (who you can find on: is the author of Balance your Hormones, Balance your Life, which is one of the best books on my shelves).  I thought that it was interesting, especially because it seems that we blame everything on our diseases or hormones.  Perhaps, in reality, that isn't true.  We, in fact, don't.  
Oh, and I will get in to Dinacharya pretty soon!!!  

On another note, I am happily settling in back at home from a nine day training.  It is challenging to reincorporate yourself back in the daily routing of home-life from a routine that was given to you, including awesome warm meals at the right time and yoga at...well, I'm not sure I'd call 6:30 in the morning a good time for anything, but I suppose it was probably good for me.  It is a strange feeling to return to the hectic routine and noise of normal life, get out of the mind and into action.  Yet, still try to keep some of that nourishing quiet.  But it was wonderful to come home.  You don't appreciate your home until you've been away from it for so long.  My home felt clean and smelled delicious (neither of which are things I think of when I think of my home :))  And I took a nice walk with the pooch around the yard and dreamed.  The garden never looks better than it does under a blanket of winter snow...and in my head.  Lots of herbs going in this year!!!  
Now, I am assimilating and digesting everything I learned and the amazing experience.  This is how you know you are on the right path...when it fills you with enthusiasm and you just want to keep soaking up as much as you possibly can.  And now the studying begins:

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