Sunday, March 18, 2012


I guess Troy's in the limelight this week.  You say the blog's getting boring and then it gets filled with Troy's antics!

This morning, he woke me up barking and howling and huffing and puffing.  So, I roll over, thinking the rooster is tormenting him again.  After a few minutes, I get up to check things out and see a fox run through the yard chasing a white chicken.  Damn foxes.  So, I run out in the my socks to let the dog out who can't get by the maze of fences around the chicken coop...but he manages and takes off after Mr. Fox (who is probably a Ms. Fox).

The the silly rooster crows like he's got something to crow about.  What a...a...umm....jack...anyway.

I think the hen is gone.  She's no where to be seen.  Troy comes home huffing and puffing (and maybe he lost a few pounds out there too) and heads back to him home, so I think he's tired.  Nope.  He gently flushes out the little hen, who smartly hid in the dog's kennel.  Then he comes to me to get petted and loved and rewarded with a little bit if Paul's corned beef from yesterday (guess those pounds Troy lost in the woods are coming right back).

Oh, and the silly little hen decides she's had enough, she's gonna run away.  So, I had to go get her from the woods and carry her back home to the barn.  I put her next to Burt and told him she's alive because of Troy, so he'd better stop harassing Troy.  But he's not listening.  He gave me and Troy a dirty look and is now crowing away as if he chased the fox away.  Stupid Rooster.

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