Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Low Teck Monday #2 on the Cold Moon

Low Teck Monday again!  I worked during the day and Paul had an appointment with the doctor, so that limited our Low Teck time.  We also had to run to WalMart (seems very bad to be doing on Low Teck day), and I texted a friend to make sure she had made it home from an appointment okay.  Paul asked me what I was doing and I told him I was checking in with L.  He reminded me that my cel phone isn't very Low Teck.  Alas, oh well.  What's pretty funny about that, is that I rarely use my phone--go figure that I picked it up on Low Teck day.

Otherwise, all went well.  Only a few lights we accidentally turned on: we're getting better.  Only one dangerous incident of finger burning light an oil lamp.  And we didn't freeze to death getting out of our showers with no bathroom heat!

Paul read the paper.  I worked on one of my novels.  Paul kicked my butt at Othello.  I don't think I like Othello anymore.

And we had AWESOME pork chops!  The first we've had of our happy WindyFields pig (thank you WindyFields!!).  Sometimes, I find happy, farm fresh pork to taste a lot like...pork.  Too porky.  So, I was worried that I wouldn't like it.  But it was awesome!  Tender.  Appropriately flavorful.  And delicious!!  Can't wait to have more!  Yes, purchasing a half a pig was a great idea!!

Oh, and day ten of the month, and we still haven't used our dryer this year!

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