Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Low Teck Monday #1

Low teck started out a bit slow.  I always turn the computer on first thing in the morning and it messed up my whole routine to not do that.  It just seemed wrong.  But once I got over that, all was good.  I got quite a bit of studying in.  I tentatively planned the garden and wrote up my seed order for Fedco.  I didn't even need to use some fancy schmancy garden plotting app or the internet to do it.  I'm excited...lots of new herbs this year!

And then when I got really bored with that, instead of puttering around on the internet and killing time (or worse, buying stuff on Amazon), I went outside and did some yard work.  I took down some old fencing.  I brought in fire wood.  I started to move an empty hive to where I want it for the spring, but when I looked down, two little field mice were looking up at me, wondering why I was destroying the home they had made in the cinder block foundation.  So, I put everything back and gave them some bird seed.  And I wonder why there are mice in my house!

After that, Troy and I went for a walk in the woods.  We saw what I am SURE is Mountain Lion poo, but MIGHT be Coyote poo.  I took out our tracking and poop book and looked it up.

Paul came home and we did our chores and puttered outside and it got dark very quickly.  Candles and oil lamps were lit.  We read.  We played the drum and the duck call and the harmonica and the energy chime (the fiddle's in Maine)...we're thinking about becoming an act at Starry Starry Night next year, but since we never show up that could be a problem.  Even Troy sang along for a while.

When we put the kids to bed, we stared at the stars for a while and even took out the star guide book, but that got very complicated, so we read instead.  Ate our wood stove cooked dinner, our wood stove Chai, and played Othello.  I don't think I like Othello anymore...Paul kicked my butt every time.  I think we need a  new game.

It was nice to spend time together and finding other things to do than kill time with the internet, the TV, the radio, the everything.  I think it's a good thing to take a time out once in a while and spend time together.  It should be a bit of a challenge!  But I will enjoy my heat in the bathroom this morning, thought I can't complain because it was actually pretty warm yesterday--we didn't suffer without that heat.  I will enjoy lights in the evening; it's hard to read by candle and oil light.  And unlike losing power, we still had water and hot water at that.  The rest I can easily give up for a day...or two...or three?

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