Sunday, January 22, 2012

Low Teck and other stuff...

Low Teck Mondays are going well.  We had an additional extra low teck on Thursday night due to a real power outage.  It was nice to be prepared for that...though when you open the fridge on a real low teck, the fridge light doesn't come on.  And when you turn the faucet on the sink or flush the toilet on a real low teck there's no water.

Have had to make some concessions on Low Teck to get work done that can't be done off the computer, but we did not succumb to the internet or anything that was not work related--and really, I think I only did about an hours worth of work that had to be done on a computer.  And probably, I will have to make some concessions for the next two Mondays because of school.  I have to submit my work by Tuesdays, but being a Jinx Worryer, I know if I wait until the last day, the power will go out, or the computer will shut down, or something will happen!

The dryer has not been used at all this month.  It's been OK, but there have been a few days that I've gotten behind on the laundry and don't know how I am going to catch up without using the dryer!!  But we've made it!  It's all good.  I just hope that the electric bill shows some of this effort.

I had a tough time getting home from school on Thursday.  The professor let us out early and I was so excited to come home and wind down before crawling into bed.  Well, it was snowing, so it was slow.  I got almost to my turn off in Athol and the giant factory fire had forced the bridge to be closed.  So, in the snow and ice, I had to turn around and take the long backroads home.  I debated this one road that is super steep and windey (my sister always says the damn road should be closed all winter long).  Anyway, I thought I'd be OK getting up it.  The roads weren't too bad.  And I was, but I got stopped more than half way up by an accident.  With the fire and snow, we had no idea how soon help would get there.  Long story short, had to call Paul to respond.  Then had to BACK down that damn road to go the even longer way home.

BUT.  I felt lucky to live in a small town.  Really, everyone stopped to help out where they could.  Locals took positions at intersections to warn people not to go up or down that road and direct people on how to get home with all the detours between fire and accidents.  It was heartening.  I remember once, a very pregnant friend got a flat on a very busy road (not in our town, of course) was a good half an hour before anyone stopped to help her out.  Yup.  We are lucky here.

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