Sunday, November 13, 2011


Cider from last year's cider pressing party.  Is yummy!  If I can get my hands on some apple drops, I think I will press and make another batch for next year.

Just begun Cranberry wine:
three bags cranberries
wine yeast
3 pounds-ish sugar.
1 gallon jug
(have frozen cranberries saved for racking the wine later)
some recipes called for raisins...I'm trying to keep it simple.

my bathroom visitor.  i thought Paul was playing tricks on me!  Ewww.  

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Snow Days and Power Outages

Did not realize how lucky we was to get our power back on Tuesday.  People are still without power!!  We've been manning the food aspect of the emergency shelter (which is really putting me behind on my November Novel Writing) and are looking forward to not feeling like we've moved into our work place.  It looks like the last of the shelter guests are returning to their homes.  Thank goodness for them.  Though, I must admit, it does feel good to be able to help people out when they are in need.  You truly see the goodness in people during these times.  And, well, you do see some of the bad.  OK, maybe bad is a strong word, but I wish you could really trust people to take just what they need.  But mostly, you really do just see the good.  And we have a nice backup of food in case we need it again soon, so that's helpful!!

On a Home Note, we were reminded (yet, again) that we need to be more prepared for these unexpected emergencies.  We are lucky to have a wood stove for heat, and cooking, and warming water for coffee (and bathing, when desperate).  But we lose our water being on wells.  So, we need to have more water stored away...even just to flush the toilet.  And we do worry about our chest freezer full of food.  It would stink to lose that.  We have been THINKING about a generator.  Maybe sharing one between our aunt who loses her HEAT when the power goes out and protecting our food from spoiling.  But we're just thinking.  In a few days, we'll forget how horrible it was and forget to store water or even think about generators.  But, we do need more batteries and oil for the lanterns.  And I keep thinking we need a game we only play when the power goes maybe, in some ways, we'll look forward to it.  Maybe not.

On a NaNoWriMo Note (it is November and National Novel Writing Month: 30 days, 50,000 words): according to NaNo stats, at the rate I am writing I will be done with my 50,000 words on September 21, 2148.  Go Writing Goddess!!!