Saturday, October 8, 2011


I was gifted with a giant box of walnuts by a friend.  I took them and wondered what do I do with these.  Or, I guess more to the point, WHEN do I do with these.  Well, the answer to to second question was today. 

So, I got on the internet, did some research and then Troy and I got to work:

Unhulled walnuts.  

Wearing kitchen gloves, I hulled all the walnuts into this mess (the gloves keep the black stain from getting onto your hands, which according to the internet never comes off).  
Be aware there are some creepy maggoty things in some of the hulls.  

A close up of the hulled nuts.

Then, I washed the shelled walnuts.  Over and over and over and over.  

And over...

Until they were clean...or mostly clean.  

I piled my hoard in a towel dried them and scrubbed them some more.  

I left them in the sun in the bed of the truck.  I am hoping the squirrels will leave them alone being in the truck.  
Now, I leave to dry for four weeks, then can crack and open.  
I'm reading that it might be a bigger task opening the walnuts to eat later than all of the above put together.  
Will keep you posted.  

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