Friday, October 21, 2011

Right Place. Right Time.

I wish I'd had a camera, but it probably would not have done it justice.  I often see the dead drones outside of an Autumn beehive, but I just spent the past half hour watching the worker (girl) honeybees kick a drone (boy) honeybee out of the hive.  The drones, for those who don't know, pretty much freeload all summer.  They hang out, watch baseball, eat the food, and go out to bars where they hang out with the other drones in the sky and hope to meet up with a virgin Queen honeybee ready for mating.

Anyway, he was dragged and pushed out of the hive entrance (a hole about a half inch across) and then the workers would push him, chew on him, and beat on him to keep him out.  Being twice their size he would make it back inside and they would drag and push him back out and do it all again.  There were a couple other drones flying around and one even snuck in the second entrance where he didn't seem to be accosted.  But it was fascinating to watch.  I'm sure, in the end, he's gonna join the pair of dead drones at the hive entrance, but I didn't stay to watch.

Lesson for Life: don't be lazy, you might find yourself out on the street just before winter.  :)

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