Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rain and the Autumn

The plant stand on the porch was put into the shed and out has come the wood rack.  And slowly, we are filling it with wood.  I am slowly bagging leaves up for the goats for a midwinter snack.  The bees are tied up and just need a last minute check before winter.

The people are ready for the wood stove, but the pipes on the wood stove are not ready for fire.  So, while we wait for pipes and a good time for installation we're hoping for warm weather.  Although, I have cheated a few mornings and turned on the bathroom heat.

You would think I would have learned my lesson last week about making any recipe midweek that involves a rolling pin, but no.  Tonight, we're having naan bread with what was supposed to be roasted leek and fennel soup, but since there were no leeks, we're having sweet potato and fennel soup.  We shall see if I set the oven on fire this week!

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