Monday, August 29, 2011

Texting Woes...

Got this in an e-mail from my cister ('cister' being a cross between a cousin and a sister...but not in a pervy, down-way-too-far-south kind of way, but in a love-my-cousin-like-a-sister kind of way):

Oh and I had a lovely text convo with the person who has
your old cell #. 
Here's how it went

Me: Is half-dozen supposed to be hyphenated
You: Yes? Who is this?
Me: It's your cister
You: Oh, Ok I guess. Still not sure who this is.
Me: Tamara
You:I'm not sure if I know you LOL. who do you think this is?
Me: Umm, is this Char?
You: Nope. Bee. :) lol
Me: LOL, well, nice to meet you. Thanks for the grammar help!
You:Hahaha no problem. I have no idea if Im right or not
but I'm guessing I am.

So there you go. Perhaps I should put your new number
in my phone. 
Isn't it funny that one of your Bees got your old #?? LOL

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