Monday, August 29, 2011

Texting Woes...

Got this in an e-mail from my cister ('cister' being a cross between a cousin and a sister...but not in a pervy, down-way-too-far-south kind of way, but in a love-my-cousin-like-a-sister kind of way):

Oh and I had a lovely text convo with the person who has
your old cell #. 
Here's how it went

Me: Is half-dozen supposed to be hyphenated
You: Yes? Who is this?
Me: It's your cister
You: Oh, Ok I guess. Still not sure who this is.
Me: Tamara
You:I'm not sure if I know you LOL. who do you think this is?
Me: Umm, is this Char?
You: Nope. Bee. :) lol
Me: LOL, well, nice to meet you. Thanks for the grammar help!
You:Hahaha no problem. I have no idea if Im right or not
but I'm guessing I am.

So there you go. Perhaps I should put your new number
in my phone. 
Isn't it funny that one of your Bees got your old #?? LOL

Sunday, August 28, 2011

As the afternoon wanes

and evening approaches, the wind is still winding her way through the trees.  Sometimes with a gust that shakes the tops of the trees just enough to remind us that here is the tail end of a gigantic storm.

There are plenty of limbs down in the yard.  We lost power for a little over an hour.  There are puddles and streams coursing through the grass.  The garden and meadow flowers are flattened.

But the chickens are out.  Troy is back home.  And a squirrel just pounced through the yard.  And tomorrow, the sun is supposed to shine.

Horn Worm Update...

This creature ATE my baby lilac bush.  BUT, he's covered in wasp (?) eggs, which will hatch out to EAT him...

The horn worms seem to have been a big issue this year 'round here.  I had my first in the garden this year. Super YUK.  And this one found my lilac baby.  I used to like the hummingbird moths...but now I know they are the moths that come from horn worms, well, I don't like them as much.

Early Morning of Irene in Central, MA

The chickens have been locked inside the coop for the day.  We were going to let them out in their run, but they really want to get to the BumbleChick Barn, and since Troy is unhappily settled in there for the day, we decided that wasn't a very good idea.

Troy is now hanging out in the calf hutch in the barn run, but at least if it does get windy enough to knock over calf hutches, he has a safe place to go (thanks, Mark!!).

Mostly, we are worried about the wind and all the trees around us.  Partly, that's a good thing because it should help to block some of the wind.  On the other hand, it's a lot of trees to get knocked around by the wind...Yikes.

And we're worried about power outages...but, we're preparing:

we're hoping to have enough water to flush toilets!  

We'll keep you posted as the day goes on, well, as long as the power stays on...

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Prepping for the Storm...

I'm not too worried about the storm...except because of the animals.  I just want to make sure we do the best we can for them, you know, just in case.  So, the bees have been tied up, as if for winter.  I figured I'd rather look silly being over cautious rather than very silly watching my bee hives blow away with the bees.  Other than that, we've prepared a place in the barn for Troy and cleaned up the loose stuff in the yard.  Locked the chickens up in the coop.  And we'll hope for the best!!  

Thinking it won't be too bad...but we shall see.  We never know with Mother Nature!!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mushroom Jog

This is what we do while we're jogging...Not Very Far and Not Very Fast.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Zuccini Relish

Fresh chopped veggies with pickling salt.  

Straining the next day.  

Heating and stirring and mixing with the pickling spices!

Twenty four jars of Zucc Relish!  

Honey Extracting

All of the honey this year came out of Avalon and from the actual honey supers.  We didn't cheat and steal any from the bees.  It feels good to be finally getting honey from the honey supers!  Yay!  
Things keep getting better and better.  
Avalon looks great.  We pulled two honey supers off (not full), and left one on with just comb to let them fill to give them a little extra room and boost through the winter.  
Dionysus looks good, but didn't have any extra to be harvested.  We left everything for them and pulled off all the honey supers as they still had room to fill in the brood/deep supers.  

The honey frames to be extracted.

Extra comb and honey.  

Frames in the extracting tank.  

Bubbling Honey.  

A frame of capped honey!  

Uncapping the honey comb.  

Look at all that fresh honey below!!  

Extracted honey in the bottom of the extracting tank.  

Honey flow from the tank.  


Honey going through the sieve.  

Ten pounds of honey in 5 oz and 10 oz jars.  

Honey stored away.  The two jars in front are leftover honey jars from last year's harvest (yes, I have been hoarding!).  

Honey jars labeled and ready to be distributed to Bee Share Members.  
Each member got 15 ounces of honey this year...last year, it was only 5 ounces.  The first year...a super small jar that was barely a sample.  
It just keeps getting better and better.  

It really is beautiful.  
Like liquid Gold this year!!  
Happy Beeing Everyone!

Bee Keeping

Bree with a new resident snake.

Where are the Garden Spiders?
HONEY!!!  In Honey Supers!!!

A honey super frame of honey!!
Our very first honey frame of honey!!


Look for honeybee and honey updates soon!

And other exciting canning and farming news!!