Tuesday, July 5, 2011

dirty life...

I thought this would be another:  farming is so very hard, but so very wonderful books!  And I was right!!  But it was fantastic.  I love the characters, and the reality of farming life (it isn't easy...try it!), but they persevere as do most that love the work they do!

I love the CSA set up they have created for their members.

It's inspired me here on BumbleChick as I take a step back and reassess to remember to step back in and get into the dirt.

And really, it's got me hoping that WindyFields Farms sets up a similar CSA program and Paul and I can be the first members!!  I know my limitations here, and though this book did inspire me, it really made me think of WindyFields and what they could be!  So go for it WF, I've got your back...and, umm, I'll still have bees and chickens and some goats and the pooch!!


And speaking of books, I still love:  (it's worth it, just for the recipes in the back!)

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