Friday, May 13, 2011

Summer Weather

The honeybees are a buzzing away.  Avalon just got her second super put on the other day...and the girls are busy chirping away inside, cleaning things up!  I think in the not too distant future, honey supers will be going onto both the hives.

The farmer's market opened yesterday.  Yum.  We bought fresh asparagus, spinach, and lettuce.  We bought some plants for the garden.  Tomatoes.  Squashes.  Kale.  And I puttered around in the garden afterwards, planting and planning.  I think the plan this year, is to do less planning and more planting and more puttering.  More enjoying.

Just started reading a book called Twelve by Twelve and am really enjoying it so far.  A woman in SC owns and lives in a 12 by 12 house (for political reasons) in the midst of 32 acres of gardens and woods.  The descriptions of her gardens are awesome.  Her lifestyle is really interesting.  She is called a 'wisdomkeeper.'  In the Native American tradition, she is not a wise elder, imparting knowledge, but a keeper of the wisdom who encourages the seeker to find the wisdom within themselves.  In our over-consumptive society, it is interesting to read about someone who is shying away from over-consuming.

Well, I am off to Garden!

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