Monday, May 30, 2011


Wicked day gardening.  This is my new Black Fly Poem:

It's a war zone out in my yard. 
The Black Flies have sent out the calvary
to charge whenever I open the door. 
Sometimes, under the cover of rain,
I can make it twenty feet from the door
before they notice me. 
The army soldiers have encamped
themselves around the garden fence,
with the largest reinforcements by the gate. 
And, I do believe, they have now
swarmed the picket fencing
and taken over the garden. 
I can sneak out,
plant a couple seeds
and run back in
for cover. 
This is pathetic!!! 

But despite the assault, I managed to get the trellis up for the squash.  I planted the zuccs and the summer squash.  I planted the beans.  And mulched the b-jeebers out of the asparagus.  I have what I am calling Eurasian Milfoil of the Asparagus patch (for those of you who don't know what Eurasian Milfoil is: it is a lake week that was brought to our lakes and has taken over to the extreme!!  It's so dense, it sucks all the oxygen out of the water and kills off all the other lake weeds and fish...and it's terrible to try to swim through!!).  In any case, I've been on the assault with this weed that has attacked my asparagus patch...I even tried (and it seems to be working) SALTING my asparagus.  Apparently, asparagus likes a little salt...and the weeds don't!  So, I took a huge gamble that the person who told me this wasn't playing some sick joke and I salted my garden.  Asparagus looks great.  Weeds...well, they're still alive, but I don't think so happy.  Add a lot of mulch, I'm hoping for a miracle!!  

And now, I am hiding inside and trying to recover from my Black Fly injuries...and cleaning.  Loads of fun on a day off!  But I'll be happy when things are back in order and not such a MESS.  

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