Sunday, May 1, 2011


Scary Beekeeping.  The bees were not happy about my visit today and it was a bit scary for all of us.  But they had already begun to build up into and above the inner cover, so it was definitely time to reverse the supers.  It was hard to pry the two supers apart, but I finally managed it through a swarm of angry bees.  The lower box was empty of brood, so I was able to reverse, putting that empty box on top with hopes that they move up into it.  Then I had to scrape off all of the excess burr comb on the tops of the frames and on the inner cover, sacrificing some new bee brood in the process, but it's done and they look great!  I can rest easy and officially say that Dionysus made it through the winter!!  Yay!

I had thought briefly about taking a frame of fresh eggs out and putting them in Chalice to create another hive, but the bees were so upset that I just did what had to be done and put them back together...with many apologies to the bees for upsetting them.

I made a quick peek into Avalon and did see some new brood, so all's well in there.  

We'll visit Avalon again in a couple weeks to see if they are ready for a second super.  And peek again in both at the end of May to see how happy everyone is...and maybe add some honey supers!  Yay!  

So those are the current plans.

(nice paint job, Charlotte)

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