Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Three Day Inspection of Avalon

Taking off the cover and box over the can of sugar syrup.  

Smoking the hole of the inner cover...don't over-do the smoking!!  Just a little bit to encourage the bees to move away.  

Removing the inner cover.

The queen cage.  You can see the burr comb the bees have already built up.

Removing the cage from between the bars.  This requires some prying with your hive tool as she will be stuck in place with wax.  

The queen cage covered in bees.  This was our first sign that she had not been released from the cage.  The candy holding her in place was almost completely eaten through, but we released her from the cage anyway.  

We pried the staple up with our hive tool, being very careful with the cage and the queen inside.  We tried to get a picture of her, but even though she won't fly, she's a fast little bugger.  But she looks good!!  

We placed another frame of honey into the hive and closed her up.  We'll check again in ten days to see if our queen is laying!  

Thanks for coming along with us!!

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