Saturday, April 2, 2011

Mean Roosters

I read an interesting article at the book store the other day...and can't even remember what it was in.  But it was an article about matching aggression with aggression in regards to a mean rooster.  The man who wrote it could not bring himself to attack his rooster, and when he finally did, he made the rooster even more aggressive.

What he learned was that roosters attack other roosters.  When you catch them off guard or do something to make them feel threatened, they attack you, and to attack back makes them regard you as another rooster.  What should be done...and I don't want to have to test this theory, I like my gentle giants!  But, that you should be sure to always have scratch or treats and feed them.  A rooster will not associate a human who feeds them as another rooster to fight for dominance.

Hmmm.  I'd be curious to see how that works out...if any of you have roosters heading toward meanness.  It does make more sense than to fight for dominance against a creature much smaller than we!  Or the stew pot would probably work too!


  1. That is much too complicated. Our mean roosters go in the freezer, end of story.

  2. Nuh-uh!!! I know about your attack rooster attacking for MONTHS before he got the 'axe'...nice try!! And the hot pepper spray...and the buckets thrown at the roosters...and the shovels...and the water, nice try!!!! I KNOW your secrets!! Wouldn't a little scratch have been easier to try?