Friday, April 22, 2011

BeeKeeping for Dummies

In case you're not sure, I'm the Dummy here.

Checked Avalon for eggs.  Found eggs and all looks pretty good.  Then the frame slipped out of my hands and dropped on to the top of the hive.  There were very angry bees after that, of course, Godzilla's at work again.  My concern is for the Queen.  I am hoping she dropped back into the hive or had already run for another frame as I pulled that one out.  Paul is assuring me that all will be well, but I feel like...Godzilla and so clumsy.  But all we can do is close things up and wait.  I will probably look into the hive in a week, just to make sure that all is still well.  And once things warm up, I will take the entrance reducer off the hive.  But it's been so cold, I left most of it in place, but did open up a second entrance up today.

When the dandelions start to bloom (who doesn't LOVE dandelions?), I will take a good look at Dionysus.

If you can trust us this season to keep bees for you, there are a few openings on Avalon Sharing.  Please let us know by the end of May if you would like to continue with us.  Returning sponsors are $25.00 for the year.  New sponsors are $30.00 for the year.

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