Friday, February 18, 2011


I just trudged through the snow in this beautiful weather to check the bees.  Bree died sometime over the winter, and I am considering moving the hives here to a sunnier location.  The hive just seemed so damp and icky and the honey frames had mold on them, which is so bad.  So, maybe the hives are going to find a bit more prominent place in the yard this summer.

Chalice and Dionysus were alive and happily situated in the bright sunlight in the middle of a field.  The bees are really high up in the hive, so I am worried that they are running out of food, but that they made it this far is awesome.  As an emergency ration, I poured some crystalized sugar on the top of the inner feeder for them...not the best food, but it's something.  But it's still a L O N G time before those dandylions bloom!

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