Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Things have been very busy here for the BlogKeeper and she's been neglecting her blogging duties.  I'd like to say I've been hard at work planting the seeds and making stuff, but no, I've been busy with classes and homework.  But that's another story for another day.

But we've been getting some stuff done...just a bit more slowly than usual.  The seedstarting goods are out and warming by the fire: pots and dirt.  I just need to get the seeds out of the freezer and the lights out of the closet.  I am trying not to buy any seeds and only a few plants this year so I was very good in the fall and inventoried all the seeds and know what we have and should not need to buy a lot.  But they'll grow better if I get them planted.  So, I am hoping to get some planting done this week: at least the peppers and celeriac.  And we'll bee peeking at the bees later this week if the weather holds.

We went to the WinterFare in Greenfield last weekend and are enjoying fresh greens and yummy roots.  I roasted mixed root vegetables and froze some of them for later.  Yum.  And there is a new batch of kraut on the counter...I am going to try it one more time!!!

Troy's been to the vet and weighs in at about 170 pounds.  The vet would like to see him lose about 15 or so, but we're thinking it's just happy winter fat!!!

I'm working on herbs a bit lately and learning more about them and their medicinal properties, so this year on the blog, you'll see individual posts on herbs and healing!!!  I promise, for those of you rolling your eyes at me!!

It's happy and warm today...the snow is melting: I took my coat off: I had the windows in the car and the house open.  I do believe the GroundHog was right!!!  Happy Spring!!!  (and I am SURE the crocuses are blooming under all that snow).

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