Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday in Winter

I just checked and cut the soap.  I realized, last night after it was too late, that I put an extra ounce of goat's milk and an extra ounce of green tea into the recipe.  It's a little softer than it should be and I'm a little concerned for how the soap is going to turn out.  But it's up on the soap racks, curing.  We will have to wait and see.  I might make a plain batch of goat milk and honey soap today.  I realized that this batch of soap is the first batch we'll have made with entirely our own goat's milk and our own honey.  We are getting somewhere...slowly!!

I made a batch of dried garlic from the garlic harvest:

I was going to dry most of the garlic in the basket...but it takes a long time to peel and cut garlic, so I think I will be drying garlic in batches.  I put the dried garlic in a salt grinder and use it on just about everything, especially popcorn (which, since I am off butter for another week, will make my air popped popcorn just that much better!).

I am taking in the goat supplies from the barn and cleaning those up.  I cleaned up the goat wormer jars, scoops, grooming supplies, and smaller tubs yesterday and inventoried all of our supplies (and placed replacement orders).  Today, I am cleaning up the Goat First Aid Kit, which I probably should have brought into the house when the freezing temps started, but oops, I didn't.  Next, I am going to clean up all the birthing towels and put them into a kitty litter tub to keep the dust out...the cardboard box just isn't working well...of course, there's probably a really happy mouse or two living in the towels that I am going to disturb.  And then I'll work on the kidding kit (hmmm, kidding?).  When it's warmer, the barn is going to get a good cleaning and reorganizing.  It's a mess...mostly chickens...some us.

I got an update on Mary, and Samson, and Franklin.  Mary and Franklin were in a live creche, and Franklin stole the show, falling asleep in a shepherd's arms.  Mary was (hopefully) successfully bred in November, and they are hoping for late March/early April babies.  Yay!!!

And Bree is still alive.  I am hoping to check Chalice and Dionysus tonight.

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