Saturday, January 22, 2011

Soap and candles...

Goat Milk and Honey Soap
Lavender Rose

I am done making soap for now, so I can finally put my soapmaking supplies back into the closet so my kitchen doesn't look like quite a mess!
I should have enough soap to get us through the year, but I might make some more for Christmas gifts...maybe.    
It's exciting to be making soap with our own honey and milk.  


I melted the icky bee's wax with bee parts and chunks in canning jars (used only for melting wax...wax never really seems to clean up) in a bath of boiling water and filtered it with paper towels into an old soup can.  
I poured the mixture into my molds with the wicks and voila: candles.  

Of course, there were lots of curses and burnt fingers and wax messes to go along with that simple 'voila', but the end result was a few candles.  

I am hoping to have enough wax to send the Bee Sponsors a bees wax candle before the new beekeeping season starts!  
We shall see!

Aren't they BEAUTIFUL!?!
I figure we might need them at the low teck wine and cheese party tonight at WindyFields Farm!

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