Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Honey Bees!!!


We just ordered a three pound package of bees with a Russian Hybrid Queen from Warm Colors Apiaries. These are the new bees for Avalon!  We would like to think we are in a position to split and create our own nucs, but we are not yet confident enough that our bees will make it through the winter and a summer without bees would be very, very sad.  And so, we'll support our localest bee supplier (even though the bees themselves are coming from the South) and hope the bees come in before we go on vacation...or we're gonna find out just who loves us enough to pick up and hive a package of bees for us...anyone?  Anyone?  In all seriousness, the bees should arrive before we leave!  And maybe next Spring, we'll be ready to split our own bees!!  How cool would that bee?  I'd love to be able to produce all our own hives here and keep it local and raise bees that are adapted to our environment.  I'd really like to one day be able to split and sell a few nucs to new beekeepers...but alas...that's down the line.

It's mid January and the snow and sleet is piling up.  In Bee News here:

Avalon...long gone...even before winter even began.
Bree...alive and kicking!
Chalice...seems to be humming, but I can't say for sure.
Dionysus...is loud and angry and seems full.

In the meantime, I'm kicking back with a hot cup of tea and my Beekeepers Handbook (this year's beekeeping book) and watching the snow fall and listening to the sleet on the roof.  Brrrr.  I think I'll go add another log to the fire!

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