Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year!

Welcome to another year here at BumbleChick Farm.  As we begin the new year, we have three of our four hives that seem to be slowly trudging through the winter: Bree, Chalice, and Dionysus--yay!  As always, we still need happy thoughts sent their they still have the hardest part of the cold to go.  I am searching for my 2011 BeeKeeping book: I like to get one new book every winter to refresh my knowledge and to learn new beekeeping secrets.  I don't think I'll be making Bee School again this year, as it is the same night as classes, but that's all right.  We will be offering bee sponsorships again to Avalon.  We are limited to ten sponsors, and will give fist dibs to previous sponsors.  Avalon is fresh and clean and ready for new bees, and this year we are thinking of Russian bees.  We seem to have the best luck with them.

The six goats are waiting for spring: Aria and Mozart, Ginger and Little Lilly, and Annie and Willa (who are for sale...but I haven't had the heart to advertise them again).

The chickens have taken up hanging out in the barn, which we are finding quite annoying.  And (like I say EVERY winter) we will NOT take this many chickens through the winter again.  Now, I'm getting even stricter and only want to keep a total of twelve at any given time (last year, I think it was eighteen).  And the guineas are still with us, cackling away!  I don't think we will be purchasing more chickens this spring...just keeping with the twenty we seem to be at and hope the fox doesn't come back with a vengeance.

And Troy is LOVING the snow and sad that it melted away over the weekend.  And he loves that we are snow shoeing and skiing in the back woods almost daily with him.

I saved lots of seeds from last year and probably won't need to buy any this year.  But as January has just started, I haven't really thought about the garden yet.  I try to save that for mid to late gives me something to look forward to as the cold really takes hold and hangs on.  Then I sit down with catalogs and dirt and seeds and lights and a cup of tea...and dream of spring.  And dream of awesome gardens.

As for me, I am kick starting the year with a light and gentle detox from the latest issue of Body and Soul (thanks, Kari!).  It's a four week kick start that breaks down into four weeks and starts off a bit strict, but nothing so strict that it's really painful (and no starving).  I am modifying it to my own needs and I think it's going to be a nice way to start the new year...especially since my body is begging me for some relief from all the junk I have been eating throughout the holiday season!

Happy New Year Everybody.  It's going to be a Great one!

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