Thursday, December 23, 2010


Lunch finally died yesterday morning.  He's been getting more and more neurotic as the weeks have gone by and we've known he was going to have a hard time getting through the winter.  He never really was able to perch and would lie prostrate on the floor of the coop...twitching.  Lately, he has been unable to get into the coop and has been spending the nights under to coop in the cold where we haven't been able to get him to put him away.  I would carry him into the barn in the mornings to feed him and thaw him out.  The last few days, I finally locked him in the barn all together to save him any extra useless suffering out in the cold and snow.  We probably should have put him out of his misery...but...well, that involves killin'.  But he is finally at rest and it's better for him!  Bye, Lunch!!

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