Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lilly Goats

We've been very slow on updates these days.  Things and life are beginning to slow down as the cold weather creeps in.  The goats are all happy and fat and fluffy for winter.  The doggy is anxiously awaiting the first real snow he can play in.

Little Lilly took me out in the barn yesterday.  She's a little goat still, but when she steps under you and you're trying not to crush her, you end up face first on the floor of the barn with a sore knee and the goats looking down at you wondering why you're on the floor.  I really think it was karma: I always tease Laura at WindyFields Farm for her animal mishaps...well, payback.  I bet she PAID Lilly with beet pulp and treats to trip me.  I'm on to your secrets, Laura.

Anyhoo.  Christmas is just around the corner and we're very excited.  This weekend, we're heading out to Ashfield to shop the Christmas fair there and bring home our tree.  I'm so happy for Christmas...I finally am making a stand that everyone should just do Christmas the way that makes them happy and we should stop judging each other for how little or how much we buy and just enjoy the season and each other.  It's not about the stuff...and some people love to shop and buy for others and other people love to keep it simple.  And it's all O.K.  I figure, if we spend Christmas in the way makes us truly happy then we're doing it right and everybody should be happy because we're all happy.  If we're frustrated and angry and annoyed all the time, we're doing something wrong.  I mean, what's not to LOVE about a holiday about getting gifts, eating lots, drinking lots, staying warm and cozy, giving to the ones we love...and enjoying family and friends?  I mean, really, us Americans are so discontented sometimes...for having everything we need, I don't understand how we can be so malcontented with life and joy.

So, my wish for you is to truly have a happy and joyous holiday season!!!

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