Sunday, November 28, 2010


It's the final days of NaNoWriMo and I am finding all sorts of productive ways of avoiding writing the last of my novel.

Today, the kitchen got a thorough cleaning, even BEHIND things.  It was a bit of a scary thing.  I made a batch of chicken broth and am finishing up a batch of chicken soup.  I annoy Paul when I make broth with a whole, raw chicken instead of roasting the chicken first...but it comes out so yummy and full bodied.  And I save the pieces of chicken in the freezer to throw in casseroles and the like later.  This time, I cut out the breasts and set them aside, so we can have baked, boneless breasts later this week. That should make Paul happy.  I'm trying to stay caught up on the broth so we never have to buy boxed chicken broth again.

I have a fresh batch of Kombucha ready to go.

I also made us yummy lunches to take to work tomorrow.  Stuffed Carnival for each of us.  I'm trying to be better about making us lunches for work.  Me, because I'm a chronic lunch skipper and that is SO BAD.  And Paul, because it seems selfish to just make lunch for me...besides, once I'm making one lunch, it's no big deal to make two.  And it's better for him than cafeteria lunches every day.  And cheaper too!  And I think he likes lunches I make better than work lunches...most of the time.

Now, we're off to do chores and take Troy for a nice, long walk.  It's good for him...and good for us too!  I'm hoping this is a new habit we can keep up for the health of both and all of us.

(oh, and despite the procrastination, I managed a few thousand words...I'm not done yet, but getting closer!)

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