Saturday, November 6, 2010

Autumn is Coming to a Close

You can feel the chill of winter in the air now.  And sometimes, when it rains, I swear, I'm seeing snow drops.

The garlic is finally planted.  We've got two full beds this year with our own garlic, with enough left over to hopefully make it through the winter.  I think we're finally where we want to be with the garlic: two beds should be plenty to plant and plenty to eat.  As long as the garlic forgives me for planting it so late and grows in the spring.

I do need to either plant the winter wheat...or grind and eat it.  I'm worried it's too late to plant it, but I might try a patch anyway.

The garden stakes and fences are packed away in the shed for the winter.

We still need to tie up the last honeybee hive.

The leftover seeds are accounted for and in the the freezer.  I'll be happy to peruse catalogs in January with a cup of hot tea, but I don't think we'll be buying much this year.  We're pretty set in the seed department.

And we had a call last night regarding Annie and Willa.  It would be nice to see us pared down to four goats for the winter, though sad to see those girls go.  Of course, I think I wrote the e-mail address down wrong and wasn't able to send the interested party pictures...and neglected to get a phone number.  So, we shall see.  

Thinking of the fire going, I also need to put the plant shelf that's on the front porch into the shed and replace it with the wood holder.

So, still a bit to do before we're really ready for winter.

I'm off to is NaNoWriMo time after all:

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