Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Scary Farm Life

Paul left me to do barn chores all by myself...and it's been a scary ordeal ever since he left!!!

I finally planted a tree that Katie gave me in the spring and I was so proud of myself.  But when I opened the tools in the barn to get a wire cutter (you know, to protect the tree from goats) ENORMOUS mouse jumped out.  I mean, it was HUGE...about the size of a field mouse and scared the b-jeepers out of me.  I screamed like a girl.  (and for the record, Troy just stared at me)

Oh, it gets worse!!!  I'm looking for chicken eggs in new places, knowing there have got to be more out there.  I check under the rose bush where the chickens all hang out...and there is what I think is a GIANT paper wasp nest.  Oh, no, it's not.  I went inside to get the camera cuz that's only a little scary and I realize it's a (insert the expletive of your choice here) HORNET'S NEST bigger than MY HEAD!!!!  I'm a girly, girl.  I am still shaking!!

Here's a picture....

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