Monday, August 16, 2010

New Homes...

Sammy, Mary, and Franklin went to their new home this evening.  They are going to be so happy in their new home...though right now, Sammy is really unhappy about the car ride to get there.  He and Mary are crated in the back of the SUV, while Franklin is cuddled between two very happy boys who worked very, very hard to get a home ready for the goats to come home.  It's going to be good, happy digs for the kids!

I must admit, it was a bit sad to see Sammy go...he was one of our first kids born on the farm.  And Mary had this little special place in my heart... she is so like her mother.  She will be an awesome mommy and milker!  But I know that I can't keep everyone here at I do the next best thing...find them awesome homes!  And this is another one!

If you want to check out the orchard they are going to, visit  Apple picking starts on September 11th...that's the same day as the HillTown Brew Fest!!!!  Ahhhh....Autumn is on the way.

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