Sunday, August 1, 2010


Franklin visiting BumbleChick Farm!

We sold three goats yesterday morning who will be leaving the farm just after Labor Day.  Franklin went.  Samson went.  And since we didn't have another boy for sale, Mary went.  That leaves every mother with one kid, so the barn should stay a happy place this winter.  We are willing to sell Annie and Willa as a pair if anyone is interested in does...which would leave us with Ginger and Lilly as our breeding does (don't worry, it will be another year before we even THINK about breeding Lilly).  And then our pets, our retired Aria and her Mozart (AKA Chewey).

The plan was to keep Franklin with us until he left with his new owners, but he's a sneaky little critter and when we came home from the airport, I guess the sight of humans was too much for him and as we were unpacking the car, he squeezed between the cattle panel holes and came to help.  After that, there was no keeping him in.  So, he stayed with us while we chatted, and had wine, and grilled dinner.  He hung out while one of those darn red chickens stole the bun off my burger, off my plate!  And then his WindyFields human Mommy came to take him back home.  He was awesome.  He is going to make a great little buddy for someone at the Apple Orchard...he followed us around like a little puppy.

Once we have a second between visitors and traveling, we will shore up the paneling and take him back.  That way he can get used to his new companions before his final destination at

So, it was a very productive visit yesterday.

We also did some egg bartering with a neighbor.  I think we made out on that deal.  One dozen eggs for a g-zillion cukes and zukes and summer squash.  Bartering works for us!

And my batch of Peach Butter came out really, really yummy.  It's a little softer than I intended, but it's still spreadable and delicious.  I might try to make one more batch before I move on to relish making time!  Eek.

Happy Summer Everyone!!

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