Friday, July 30, 2010

Who's idea was it to have a contest anyway?

Our judges are tied for who belongs in first place.  We asked several people to judge, so that we would have a variety of comments to work with.  But instead, we now have a handful of people split down the middle over who should have the first place seat.  And so, we will have to rethink our judging for the fall contest...maybe we'll just put all the entries in a hat and pick the winner that way.  Or, at least do that with the top two!

In any case, what we've decided this time is that we are going to award the top two entries the first place spot.  Maybe we'll call it: the poetry winner and the story winner.

So, over the weekend, we will post our winning entries.....

And maybe, we'll post a poll on which entry YOU all like best...

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