Sunday, July 25, 2010


It's pretty hot and humid out there.  Summer is definitely here!  Things are blooming already that shouldn't be blooming yet, so I'm hoping for a nice long season of blooms that the bees like.  I'm hoping that the fall blooms don't just come early and disappear before the fall, when the bees can really take advantage of it!

The corn is high as an elephants eye and the early sweet is beginning to grow hair, so we should have corn growing in there soon.  The winter squash is growing like crazy beneath the corn.  And the sunflowers in there (from leftover goat food) are ready to bust out in blooms that the bees should love!

I am planning to do some more cleaning and organizing today.  And I really need to get outside and plant a couple of things and move some perennials around.  But, I'm kinda slow and lazy today.  The heat and humidity has sucked the life out of me.  Whine, whine.  Not that I don't like this kind of weather, I do...I live in New England, it's what I expect, but I like it better when I can sit around and do nothing--preferably by a body of water!

The judging is continuing!  We should know soon!

And Mr. Ajax is yet again performing.  TheOrganicGoat should have new kids this fall!  Go, Ajax!!!

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