Thursday, July 8, 2010


We're thinking about doing a rain dance if this drought doesn't let up soon.  The plants and bees are enjoying the heat, but they do want some rain to go with all this sun.  The bees are lounging on the stoop of their hives fanning some cool air in, but they are also all over the white clover, so they aren't lazy like me who would prefer to be enjoying this heat next to a nice cool lake.

Pretty soon, I am going to have to choose between taking a shower or watering the garden.  But with any luck we will see some rain soon!  So get dancing everyone!

Our new honey extractor is in the library still in the box.  I'm pretty excited for a cooler day (and a cooler temper) to open it up and put it together!

And remember to enjoy the a few months, we'll be moaning and complaining because it's too cold.  Yup, New England is definitely for the chronically malcontented.  We get to complain through every season!

And get writing...only thirteen more days until the Summer Writing Contest Deadline!

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