Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rain AT LAST!!!!

I guess all those rain dances and the spider killing (I only killed one...she was in my house and was too creepy for me to rescue) finally worked.  I'm hoping for lots of good steady rain to soak in...everywhere.  (Oh, and I made sure to leave clothes on the line to encourage rain too).

This morning, I hilled the potatoes, which was long overdue.  They were starting to suffer and fall over, especially without any rain.  Paul and I ripped out the wheat last night.  It took a beating back when Troy tromped through it and never really recovered, so I am giving up and will plant winter wheat where the corn is this fall and see how that does.  I meant to plant the beans in where the wheat was, but I just KNEW that if I planted anything that it would not rain, so I was afraid to do it.  I should go out in the rain and do it now.

So this ought to make the garden happy and will hopefully cool things off some so I can get something done in the garden without keeling over from heat exhaustion!  For the time being, I will get some cleaning done around the house (yup, for those who know me well, miracles never cease)--the Kitchen is my latest project for a good deep down clean (grimace here).  And I should sit down and get some writing done...I seem to be plotting new stories in my head, but it's not making it down on paper very well.  So, lots to do...even when it rains.

And I want to keep reading my new Cook Book: Alice Waters The Art of Simple Food.  I LOVE it.  I had taken it out of the library a few months back and copied and (don't tell) dog eared a few pages.  So, for my birthday, my awesome husband bought me a copy.  I feel like I should give the library mine and take back the one I abused.  This, for me, seems like a staple cookbook, right up there with The Joy of Cooking.  Lots of back to the basics to learn to cook.  And then lots of recipes.  I highly recommend it.

Keep raining.  Keep raining!

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