Saturday, July 31, 2010

Poetry Winner!!

One of the judges said that this poem was "insightful, poised, and captured the essence of summer."

June 22, 2010
What is summer?
Summer is when the fireflies light up the sky at nightfall,
When the long, eerie shadows of the moon dance among the trees.
Summer is when the ghosts of temperature seep into our homes,
And warm us to discomfort while our eyes are shut.

What is summer?
Summer is when the fields get taller and taller,
Then shrink as the tractor chug, chug, chugs along.
Summer is when the cows out on pasture moo a song
In chorus with the chirping chickadees in the trees.

What is summer?
Summer is when the grass tickles between our toes,
And earthworms crawl beneath our feet.
Summer is when wet kids dance around a sprinkler,
And their mother tends the garden, in hope of a good harvest.

What is summer?
Summer is when honey bees wander out from the hive,
Then rest and gather around the dandelions, in peace.
Summer is when young butterflies spread their wings,
And gracefully flutter about a world new to their eyes.

What is summer?
Summer is the taste of sweet tea,
And the sticky juice of a watermelon drizzling down our chins.
Summer is a cold chocolate Fudgsicle, melting in the heat,
Leaving a ring of chocolate around our chins,
and a sense of satisfaction in our bellies.

I know what summer is.
Summer is all of these things.
Plus one.
Summer is…inspiration

Windyfields Farm

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