Friday, July 9, 2010

Ginny and Rosie

We have just started letting the guineas and the 'baby' chicks roam free over the last few evenings.  They seem to be steering clear of the big mean chicks and establishing some sort of relationship with the biggies. No one has been too abusive so far...though the grown up Reds are kind of aggressive.  I like the Reds.  They seem to lay sooner than the other breeds we have tried.  They lay consistently.  And they can be really friendly toward humans...but they can be really mean to the other chickens.  So, we are keeping Reds, but not a lot.  

The guineas are not quite up to roaming yet...and Rosie came back home last night after her maybe they will know where home is and come back.  I hear horror stories that guineas will just take off...roaming into the woods and nesting in trees and/or wandering off to find other homes.  So, the experiment with them continues.  They LOVE ticks, so I love that about them.  And they don't scratch the dirt when looking for bugs, so supposedly you can use them in your garden to eat the evil the cucumber beetle.  But we shall see about that.  

We also seem to have a baby rooster.  He will be named Dinner as well, but he will really head to the ax if he continues to exhibit the aggressive behavior toward us.  

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