Monday, July 19, 2010


I harvested the last of the garlic from the garden and laid it out in the sun to cure.  We harvested a total of 69 bulbs!  Yay!  I can't remember what we got last year for a total, but we should have enough to make it through the winter with some to plant in the fall!  We are getting better.  This fall we will probably plant two 4X4 beds with garlic instead of just one and half beds, which is what we did for this year.

The bed that is now empty of garlic, we are going to put to bed for the winter.  I am going to cover it with cardboard and then some manure and hay from the goat and chicken stalls and use it as the compost heap for a week and let it break down.  Our garden gets better and better each year as we work those beds and continue to build them up.  I love raised beds...or specific beds with pathways in between so you can really work on and build up your soil.  And you're not stepping in your beds and packing down that soil you worked so hard to make beautiful.  And an added bonus for bad gardeners, like me, is you can work one bed a day and it's not so daunting.  And the limited space keeps you from growing more than you know you can handle.  I love it.

I am planning to put spinach in the half bed the rest of the garlic came out of.

Let's see, the potatoes look awful.  It's interesting that the one plant that really had a chance to bloom is doing just fine.  I'm wondering if the bugs eating off our blossoms before they had a chance to bloom have destroyed the plants.  Probably will harvest the new potatoes soon, if the plants don't perk up.

The soybeans are just starting to have beans.

The drying beans we planted where the wheat was is beginning to come up.  I'm hoping they have enough time to grow and produce before winter.

Everything else is looking good.  It's coming along...though we still have those damn beetles.  I'm not sure how the Brussels sprouts are going to come along.

Oh, and we have one itty bitty eggplant!

The corn and winter squash patch has gone absolutely crazy.  They LOVE being where the goats used to be...where all that old poop and hay used to be.  I'm hoping for a good crop and I'm hoping it will have enough juice left to give the winter wheat a good boost.

Oh, and only TWO more days for the Summer Writing Contest!  You only have until midnight on Wednesday!  Get writing!

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