Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Garden

I guess now that the oppressive heat is over, it is safe to get into the garden and check things out.  While I was away, the bugs were enjoying the freedom to take over.

The potatoes are being eaten alive by slugs.  I had one pretty blossom on one of the potato plants, but the rest were eaten off before they had a chance to bloom.  I took out my spray bottle of soapy water with garlic tincture and soaked them all.  And tonight, Paul will have to have a beer so I can take some of it and put it out in the garden for my slugs.

The icky slug slime also moved to the Brussels Sprouts...and they also had about inch long green worms on them, which I took off and gave them a bath in my jug of soapy water and I put the lid back on.  I also sprayed them and the beets and the artichokes with soapy garlic water.

I planted Vermont Cranberry drying beans in one of the 4X4 beds that the wheat was in.  I think I need to go back to my early spring plan of working on one bed a day and just give the rest of the garden a daily cursory look to make sure nothing terrible is happening (and to later HARVEST the goods).  That way nothing gets so daunting that I just give up (especially in the heat) and I can really look at everything.  And some of the beds take care of themselves for the most part, so within a week, I will have looked closely at every bed.  And I can get the hay around the beds and try to suppress the meadow that is trying to come back between my beds.

But things are looking good.  I think the garlic is getting close to harvest and when that comes out, I think I will put some spinach in and see if I can get a fall harvest, since my spring planting bolted.  It doesn't like the heat any more than I do either.

In the corn garden, things look great, except that the beans I planted are being squashed out of the way.  The spring treat yellow sweet corn is growing really's big and green and happy and about where it should be.  The butternut squash is growing up between it quite nicely.  The bed of honey treat sweet corn is being ousted by the delacata and carnival squash we'll see if we get any corn out of that bed.  And in both beds, the sunflowers from the old goat food is growing well too!

So, all in all, I'm pretty happy with the gardens.  I should take a picture of and post it...but that might be too embarrassing.  Yup, it is.  Things are a bit messy, but it's green and growing and we're happy.

Happy Gardening all.

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