Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chalice and Dionysus

Opened the C and D hives today.  A bit overdue, but we wanted to do it before the holiday weekend and even more times slipped by.  The bees were irritated with me just for being NEAR the hives, so I did what had to be done and got out of there.  I had one bee bouncing my veil the whole time I was there...(Charlotte's # 1 Rule of Beekeeping: always wear a veil).  The weather was a bit cloudy and icky, so I don't think that helped the mood of my girls.

Chalice was not in desperate need of a honey super, which is what I was most worried about, but we added two to her anyway.  We'll give her lots of room to grow and see what happens.

Dionysus got only one honey super and seemed more ready than Chalice for one, but I think they are working the inner frames of their boxes and not the outer it may SEEM they are ready, but they probably are not.  We figured one super would give them some room to grow, but not so much that they would not utilize the outer frames in the lower brood boxes.  So, again, we will see.  They may need some encouragement to grow out instead of up, but we will worry about that on a day when everyone is a little less cranky and I am a little less rushed.

And before we left, I trimmed some of the overgrown weeds in front of the hive entrances.  And then left the girls ALONE!!!

At home, the grapes are covered in green grapes!  So, if the goats STOP EATING THEM, we might get some yummy concord grapes this year!  Yay...last year we got next to nothing and that was very sad.

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