Friday, July 16, 2010


I LOVE blueberries.  I use them in everything.  I make smoothies out of them.  I put them in yogurt.  I even put them in a jar of water and drink it throughout the day.  So, you would think that I would actually go blueberry picking--especially since there is a place nearby that lets you pick for free (you pick double and give them half, but still, monetarily free).  But no, I have to go to the farmer's market and spend a fortune to buy enough blueberries to get us through the winter.  Jeepers, I'm silly.

In any case, I canned up another batch of blueberry butter yesterday.  Got six half pint jars this time.  (Last time we made 10 half cup jars--which are great for gifts).  I am planning to make one last batch tonight and will be done with the canning of the blueberries.  We also froze 8 quart bags of blueberries to get through winter.  I hope that's enough...cuz I can't buy anymore and the picking season is quickly coming to an end.

On Labeling of Jars.
I always label my canning jars.  That's one thing I am pretty good about.  Unfortunately, I am not so good about labeling my frozen goods.  I'm always sure I'll remember what it is I've frozen, cuz I don't cook and freeze that much stuff...but I'm wrong and I end up playing the guessing game.

Anyway, on labeling: I am pretty simple, I usually just label the tops of the jars with a sharpie marker with the item and the date.  It helps me in a few ways.  One, I know what the product is.  Two, I know when I should not eat it any longer.  Three, I have marked the lid, so I know it's a used lid when inevitably it ends up in the drawer with the box of fresh new lids that has spilled open.  Four, I hate to label jars with stickers on the actual glass jar.  I have so many jars that are contaminated with sticky goo I can't get off and I don't feel comfortable using them to can something I am going to keep on a shelf for a year or more--I'm afraid some of that goo will get inside my jars when I boil them before filling them.

Of course, on the flip side: when you label the side of the jars, you can see what's in it when it's still on the shelf (if you keep the labels facing out).  I have to tilt the jar to see the top where I've labeled it.  I'm sure there is some easy way to clean of sticky sticker goo, but I just set the jars aside with the goo on them and hope somehow they clean themselves from in the closet where I store them.  Besides, there is no shortage of jars going on...maybe when there's a shortage, I'll start cleaning goo.

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