Thursday, June 17, 2010

Plant a Row

It's that time of year.  OK, well, it's past that time of year, but the Plant a Row project is up and running.  Plant a Row began in Anchorage, Alaska and encourages gardeners and farmers to plant an extra row of crops in their gardens.  The extra produce can be brought to drop off points that gives the food out to low income persons.  (I am working on getting our meal site as a drop-off point).

Website for Plant a Row:

Here is the blogspot for the Western, MA Plant a Row:

I am finding myself being domestic these past few days (must be sick).  Last night, I made homemade potato chips, which were really good, though I need to find a consistent way to slice potatoes thinly.  I did all right, but it's hard to cut  a potato really, really thin with a big kitchen knife.

Today, I made Jamaican Ginger Brew.  It's non alcoholic...well, at least, currently it is, until I tamper with the recipe a bit.  It's still straining, so I haven't tried it yet, but it looks like the picture in the book so I must have done something right.  I hope it tastes good...I have a 90-something year old guest who comes to our meal site who used to drink a bottled Ginger Brew, but she can't find one she likes any maybe she'll like this.

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