Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life is Pretty Good

Well, I went out to feed the kids this morning (goats that is) and Annie's udder was swelled up like a balloon again...so back to milking.  This is crazy, the girl just won't give it up.  Which, I guess is a GREAT thing...but we're just not prepared for milking right now.  Actually, if she doesn't fill up so much that we have to milk her twice a day, we should be all right.  And we don't have any plans to be away any time soon...so we should be counting our blessings for more milk for soap, instead of being exasperated.  So, I guess when we are told we have great milk lines, they ain't lying.

And speaking of soap.  I got my soaps from theorganicgoat.com.  At first, I was a little overwhelmed by the scents, as I don't use anything with scents on my skin (I'm allergic to everything these days, thanks Mom, so I'm careful).  But the soaps were BEAUTIFUL!  The color, the design, the feel...and they came on wooden dishes and tied with a bow.  They would make wonderful gifts, especially for someone you don't know what to buy for.  I also bought a body mousse, which I am loving on my legs...the texture is soft and luxurious.  And I bought a liquid soap which is now by the kitchen sink and foams up better than any homemade liquid soap I have ever tried.  I am really excited for her deodorant when she puts that up for sale...but I won't go into my deodorant rant right now.  In any case...check out theorganicgoat.com!  It's beautiful stuff.

I spent the afternoon weeding the garden.  I let Troy out and put in my iPod.  I've never listened to music while gardening.  It always feels like I should be communing with nature when I'm out there and not drowning it out with technology.  But I had a blast.  I cranked up the music, sang along...and was really happy.  Of course, I was glad that we're so far back from the road that no one could see me!  I just hope they couldn't hear me!  And I'm glad no one stopped by for eggs while I was singing away--but Troy probably would have warned me...if I could hear him!

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