Monday, June 7, 2010

The Three Sisters

We are making another salad for tomorrow's lunches with the lettuce and herbs from our garden.  And tonight we are having fresh picked kale from the garden: kale with bacon.  Yum.  I love summertime and fresh greens.

And we have more planting to do: I was given some french tarragon and thyme plants by one of our lunch guests at work!  I'm hoping I can get it to take over the 'burial mound' (our leach field) so we won't have to mow up the hill of the mound.  Thank you, J.  And speaking of the mound, I tried planting some bachelor buttons around the Labyrinth, but nothing seems to be coming up.  I was hoping and am still hoping they'll survive: they come back every year and the honeybees love them!

The garden is looking good, though I have begun a battle against the cucumber beetle.  They LOVE my eggplant and pineapple tomatilla plants.  And are nibbling on other things in the garden.  This morning, I doused the plants with soapy water with a touch of garlic tincture and I am hoping that will make everything a bit less tasty.

We built another fenced area for another garden this weekend.  We planted it with sweet corns and winter squashes and a few drying beans around the edges.  When the corn is up, we'll plant climbing beans around them and complete the Native American Three Sisters: corn, squash, and beans.

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