Sunday, June 13, 2010

Garden Happenings

SOMETHING ate my artichoke plant!  I'm suspecting cutworms, as three of the big leaves look like they have been cut and then left to die!  What's the point?  Are cutworms just anti-plants and out to destroy?  Because it just looks like malicious destruction, not a ploy for food.  So, I am posting a picture of my four artichoke plants.  The one in front is doing well (so far).  There are two little ones in the middle that are from seed and lot smaller than the bought plants.  And the one in the background, with only a few leaves was the victim of the attack!

I sprayed everyone with garlic infused soapy water and hope that will help.

I took another batch of garlic scapes and cubed up another twelve cubes of blended scapes with olive oil to freeze for the winter.

The wheat has taken a big rain beating and is lying down on its side.  I am hoping that when the sun comes out, it will perk up.
 The tomato plants.  The larger three were the ones that lived under the water towers for a few weeks.
And the artichoke photo.

Fed Chalice and Dionysis today.  There is a dearth of nectar right now, so because they are still just starting out, I thought I add a boost to help them build up comb.  They can't build up comb without a nectar flow and a feeding of sugar syrup is the next best thing.

And when I was done and headed into the car...I got a nice good sting on my belly.  She must have gotten a bit stuck on the edge of my shirt.  Ouch.

I have not fixed Avalon yet.  I am waiting for sun.

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