Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Chalice and Dionysis

We named the last hive.  Hive 'D' is now Dionysis...and we're told that we should only make meads and alcoholic beverages from the honey out of Dionysis.

We opened both of our new hives today.

Dionysis is our Nuc Hive we put in last week.  She seems to be growing and has new eggs, so we put a second box on her.  I think we might have put the box on a bit early, but it is better to put a box on too early rather than too that is the theory that I am going with.  She looks good!  We are happy.

Chalice is our swarm hive.  She is doing GREAT!  She is full of honey and eggs.  We pulled one frame and found a Queen Cell on it, so at some point, the hive made themselves a new queen.  I can't be positive, but I think it is off of the frame I pulled from the smaller swarm that had a few eggs but had lost all of her bees and we combined with Chalice.  So, I think she is going to come through.  We added another box...and she definitely needed it--there is honey and eggs and pollen and all sorts of great things you want in a hive.  When they say that a swarm hive grows better and faster than any other new acquisition, it's obviously true.  She looks amazing.

Both hives still have their feeders on, but they are not eating that much of it anymore, so next time we open things up, we will probably pull what's left of the feed off.

We have some beautiful pictures, including some of the queen cell, but the computer/camera connection is acting up, so we need to troubleshoot that.  When we get pictures, we will post them.

For anyone interested, we have a couple of sponsor spots left in our Avalon hive.  We had dubbed our first hive our Community Hive and ten people kicked in to help us begin our beekeeping endeavors--our sponsors helped us to name her Avalon and got a 1 in 13 share of all the products we took from her.  It was a slow first couple of years, but Avalon is continuing to grow after a harsh first winter, and we are hoping to continue to watch her grow and produce...if we can get her through another winter, we should do really well next summer/fall--honey-wise that is.  Now that it is time to renew sponsorship of Avalon, we have dropped our number of shares in her to ten instead of thirteen.  It's $25.00 a year to join us...please let us know if you are interested.  We will invite on a first come, first serve basis.

Thank you everyone who rejoined us on the Avalon Adventure!

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